7 Important SEO Tips for Ecommerce Solution Shopify Platform

Looking for a way to improve the traffic and increase the online sale of your Shopify store? Here are 7 great tips for improving the SEO of ecommerce solution Shopify platform and your own store!

Shopify is one of the most popular and recommended ecommerce platforms used by retailers to set up their own online stores. If you are running a Shopify e-commerce store and you are looking for a way to improve the traffic and increase the sale, then look no further as you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of effective SEO tips that are essential for running a successful ecommerce store to boost online visibility.

Before we present you the tips, let’s see why you should choose Shopify for setting up your own online store:

effective SEO
  • Shopify can offer you lots of built-in features and tool
  • It is highly flexible and it is tailored to your specific needs and requirements
  • It is an advanced and modern ecommerce platform with incredible SEO or Search Engine Optimization features
  • It has an easy backend administration
  • The platform is easy to use and no coding skills are required
  • Easily integrates with POS systems
  • You will get web based Content Management System to update your website and online store
  • Meets W3C standards
  • Customized website design and full control of CSS and HTML
  • Customer support with technical Advisor help

Now that you have setup your own Shopify store, it is time to implement a few great SET techniques. Shopify is a modern and advanced CMS or Content Management System with built in SEO elements and these SEO elements ensure the improved sale and traffic to your website from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Here are some of the best tips that have to be taken into consideration for improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Shopify store:

1. Get rid of duplicate content from your Shopify store

Duplicate content refers to the content that matches with other web content. Duplicate content can be a total disaster in a search engine.

2. Optimize your store photos

Optimizing your photos is absolutely necessary for your Shopify store to enhance the website presence. All photos must include a proper Alt-tags with appropriate keywords.

3. Technical SEO for Shopify is crucial

Technical SEO refers to any SEO elements or activities that don’t include the content part. You need to make sure that all elements such as the robots.txt file, the sitemap.xml file, validation of HTML and CSS, and others are in order.

4. Google Analytics Integration

This feature is a must if you want to track and report the website traffic. Our recommendation is to use Universal Analytics code which is the newest version of Google Analytics.

5. Build high-quality backlinks to your Shopify store

If you want to grow the number of visitors for your Shopify store, the backlinks are a very popular and a good tip for absolutely everyone. You will be able to get targeted and quality traffic quickly by creating a profile of your store on Amazon and other websites.

6. Install the free Product Review App

Shopify Product Review is a free application that can engage with your customers and add the product reviews to your ecommerce store.

7. Configure the blog option in your Shopify Platform

Blogging is a great way to earn more exposures, to build an audience, to drive more traffic, as well as, sales for your online business, and etc. It is recommended to add fresh and quality content daily.

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By following these tips, you will take a full advantage of ecommerce solution Shopify and be ahead of your competitors.